Candyman Garter Bodysuit Presents a Confined Sex Appeal Look!

Any idea what it feels like to be confined but still able to show all the best parts of yourself? The Candyman 99542 Garter Bodysuit gives us just that, providing you with an illusion of a caged body, while still showcasing a nice silhouette plus a good tease of skin. If you know what it feels like to wear a corset, it’s something like that but more sensual and enticing. Spangla welcomes the Candyman mens underwear and mens lingerie brand, delivering unique looks for men of specific taste.

CandyMan 99542 Garter Bodysuit

If you’re a mens underwear and lingerie lover, the Candyman 99542 Garter Bodysuit is something worth adding to your collection. It is a type of intimate piece designed for men with a style that just stands out from the rest. You’ll see the transparent mesh on the abdomen serving an illusion of wearing a corset without being too constricted in snug and fit. It is matched with an opaque fabric on the pouch so that the best part will still be something to look forward to. Elastic straps provide a nice visual appeal and allow for secure fit. The overall look of this bodysuit almost leaves nothing to the imagination with its minimal rear coverage.

CandyMan 99542 Garter Bodysuit

Spangla presents the well-known brand for mens underwear, lingerie and more, Candyman, to its online shop. With a wide selection of mens underwear that tickles the imagination, you’ll be enticed and captivated with the brands diverse designs that go beyond the construct of masculine and feminine. Check out more collections from Candyman today, now available at Shop online and at the comforts of your own home, and have your orders arriving at your doorstep in DISCREET PACKAGING.

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