Candyman Gives a Wild and Luxurious Take on the Jocktrap Mens Underwear Style!

Just when you thought jockstraps can’t be modified into something fresh and spicy all at the same time, Candyman drops a version of the classic with high doses of sex appeal and luxury, all in one piece! The Candyman 99705 Garter Jockstrap mens underwear is quite the marvel for jockstrap underwear lovers out there as it presents a barely there fit with more skin to show, minimal coverage and a luxurious gold chain accent. If you want to get down and dirty, and really want it bad, this underwear for men is perfect for you!

CandyMan 99705 Garter Jockstrap Black Mens Underwear Spangla

If there’s one disclaimer to this underwear style in today’s feature, it definitely would be, “Wear when you dare.” The Candyman 99705 Garter Jockstrap is a revamp of the classic athletic underwear style but with more sex drive! It definitely takes the sporty-meets-sexy look a few steps beyond, giving you a two-in-one style you'll love. On one hand, it's a super revealing, comfy style of underwear that you can actually wear on the daily or for any occasion. On the other, it's a luxury-kink themed jockstrap, specially designed that offers minimal coverage but extra athletic support up front, and a naughty garterbelt feel that looks sexy on any man. Try on the Candyman 99705 Garter Jockstrap mens underwear today and you are guaranteed to lure anyone’s attention.

CandyMan 99705 Garter Jockstrap Black Mens Underwear Spangla

Don’t hesitate to give yourself a treat from a wide selection of mens underwear and mens lingerie styles that exude outstanding design and structure from Candyman - in stock and available now at Spangla. The brand definitely knows how to tickle the imagination, ready to pull off something that will surely earn your fancy. Shop online today at and have your orders delivered to your doorstep in DISCREET PACKAGING. 

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