Celebrate Australia Day with your Mates in Spangla Mens Underwear!

We’re jumpstarting 2020 with a lot of bright and festive occasions! The annual national Australia Day event happens this month, a much awaited celebration filled with vibrant and joyous parties and parades. Time to get in all the fun and express the love and Aussie spirit in these themed mens underwear pieces presented by Spangla! Composed of g-strings, thongs, bikini briefs and boxer briefs, this mens underwear collection showcases a statement that truly represents the Australian vibe.

Hopping down under the details of Australia Day, this annual event commemorates the arrival of British ships of the First Fleet in New South Wales, raising the Great Britain flag in Sydney. In line with all the festivities happening on Australia Day, these mens underwear pieces incorporate the Australian flag, the colours of the country, even the colours representing the cute and cuddly Koalas and Kangaroos. Each underwear piece made for men; briefs, boxer briefs, thongs or g-strings, are made of high quality stretch satin lycra fabric that can stretch to fit you perfectly, providing the support that you need whatever activity you have for the day.

Love for country will surely look so sexy, thanks to Spangla! Wear these Australia Day themed mens underwear designs and show what a hot and sexy Aussie is made of. Show off the right amount of skin, depending on your preferred design, and get the support you need as you party day and night away. Trust that each mens underwear style can surely keep up with you as you go from work to play in a day, and the best part is, these underwear styles are durable and made from quality grade fabric, making it possible to double as swimwear!

Spangla presents a wide selection of mens underwear and mens lingerie styles that fit any occasion, particular taste and fantasy. Functional, sexy and versatile, these underwear designed especially for men can surely provide the right amount of coverage and support that you need. Shop the latest Spangla collection today at www.menslingerie.com.au

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