It’s All Fun and Festive in a Low Rise Boxer Brief by Spangla!

Going for a sexy outfit during parades, concerts and festivals hasn’t failed anyone… not that we know of. Being in that fun and festive mood doesn’t require too much clothing especially if you’re always happy feeling and showing off your oats!  Spangla presents the low rise boxer brief with an amphibious nature, making it suitable to wear as an everyday underwear and even a swimwear piece for the beach or the pool. Also, it easily goes with your outfit or accessories of choice. Get to know more about these fun mens underwear pieces.

The Spangla Low Rise Boxer Briefs comes at you with colourful prints and a no-holds-barred combination of colours. It can play with neon colours, bold animalistic prints, gay pride flag design, and even for seasonal special occasions! The fit is made to be borderline sexy and modest as it rests below the waist, but it is a bit shorter than your regular boxer brief mens underwear. What sets it apart from other boxer brief mens underwear design in the market today is that it is made from stretch spandex material, meaning, you can freely plunge into the water with it!

And because Spangla has been known to provide unique and quirky mens underwear and mens lingerie pieces, the Spangla Low Rise Boxer Brief goes perfectly well with the Spangla Stretch Spandex Corset Top! Just pick your boxer brief of choice and easily clip on the corset top to the waist… voila! You now have a stunning look which you can wear to parades, festivals or wherever you plan to. Spangla loves you to create your own ensemble as the brand really caters to mens underwear fantasies and possibilities.

Designs for the Spangla Low Rise Boxer Briefs are a plenty and we almost have one for every occasion. All of the boxer brief mens underwear pieces from Spangla have a nice feel to it, allowing you to wear it for a long period of time. Whether you’d put it on for work and up to the wee hours of the night. You’ll get the right amount of comfort and support both on land and water. Below are some of Spangla’s low boxer briefs underwear for men and you can view more of the collection by clicking here…

Spangla brings to life your mens underwear fantasies, from the simple and functional to the feminine and pretty. All mens underwear and mens lingerie pieces are made thoughtfully to fit the male body, and is durable in material as men have a variety of measurements in demand. Shop Spangla underwear and lingerie collections today and get your orders dispatched 1-2 working days, arriving at your doorstep in DISCREET PACKAGING. Visit us today at

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