Opulence and Elegance in Easy to Pair and Wear Robes by Spangla

Having tons of money ain’t the only thing that will let you experience luxury every day. Simply put on a robe and feel the elegance and luxuriousness of your private moments, dazzled with details that make you look sexier and inviting every time. Spangla presents their robe selections which you can easily pair with your mens underwear or mens lingerie of choice.

Lace Overload
You can never have too much lace on your mens lingerie collection, so why not have a matching robe for it as well? The  Spangla Lace Mini Robe is romantic looking on its own right. Available in Black with a touch of intimate passion, you’ll show off an irresistible aura during bedtime or intimate moments with your special someone. Freely create a mens lingerie ensemble that you fantasize about as you can easily match it with g-strings, thongs, garterbelts, stockings, etc. It’s all up to your imagination and creativity! The Spangla Lace Mini Robe is designed with a stretch floral lace with ¾ sleeves and a tie belt.

Lush and Lace Matched
Not a fan of too much lace? Then how about just a detail of it on the edges? The  Spangla Sheer Mesh and Lace Robe also captures the elegant style of classic mini robes. It is made with stretch sheer mesh fabric that gives you a satisfying feeling as it rubs against your skin. The lace trims are attached at the edge of the ¾ sleeves and a tie belt that you can either secure in a knot or just leave it open. Wearing this elegant robe piece gives you that blissful feeling on your private and intimate moments, best with any mens lingerie of your choice.

Spangla never fails to add elegance and luxury to sexy and feminine mens underwear pieces. The brand’s mens lingerie styles and selections perfectly fit the male physique, accentuating the body and bringing to life your mens underwear fantasies. Check out more selections of lingerie for men and underwear pieces for any occasion at www.menlingerie.com.au today! 

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