Sweet and Sissy Capri Briefs should be Your Next Male Panties!

Pretty sure you’ve heard of the Capri Brazil Briefs being an underwear lover. But for those who are not too familiar with it (maybe you’ll recognize the cut with a photo), it is a sexy mens underwear piece that reveals a more cheeky behind but not too revealing like a thong underwear. Today we feature a mens lingerie piece from Spangla that takes on the Capri Brief structure, add a sweet dash of sissy to it to create your next-to-want male panties.

The Spangla Sexy Lace Capri Brief lives up to the details with its name… it sure is sexy, and it sure is feminine with the lace as design. This femme mens underwear piece is made from stretch mesh fabric with a generous amount of lace detail at the front and a wide pouch that can take on any man’s size. At the back, it takes on the Capri Brazillian Brief mens underwear structure, showing some bum cheeks but not baring it too much. Visually, anyone who’ll see you wearing it will be in for a treat with a heaping amount of tease of skin both at the front and back. If you’re looking for a sexy fun and feminine underwear that will compliment the male physique, the  Spangla Sexy Lace Capri Brief is one to have. Available in light pink and other colours.

Spangla’s selection of mens underwear and mens lingerie varies from masculine to feminine looks, giving you a wide range of choices that will suit your everchanging mood and fantasy. Each Spangla mens lingerie underwear piece are designed for the male body, with an effortless goal of accentuating the male physique. Check out more selections of lingerie for men and underwear pieces for any occasion at www.menslingerie.com.au

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