Seduce in this Seductive Silver Mens Lingerie Ensemble from Spangla

Silver is a colour that is not easy to pull off… but Spangla knows a thing or two about working colours into luxurious fabrics. Today we present a mens lingerie ensemble that is worth wearing for your intimate moments alone or with that special someone. Take your feminine mens underwear fantasies to the next level with today’s feature of camisoles and g-strings, as designed by Spangla.

Working that Top
Camisoles are a staple in mens lingerie collections and Spangla delivers this design flawlessly. Made to fit the male body, the  Spangla Camisole Bustier Top in silver is made of stretch satin material that will leave you feeling easy and comfortable when you wear it. It rubs gently and pleasurably to the skin and will surely give you that feminine feel. It is designed with a stretch floral lace trim at the front, back and around the hemline. Adjusting it to fit is very east with its elastic adjustable shoulder straps. You’ll sure enjoy wearing this sexy mens lingerie piece… wear it on and off like a regular tank top.

Tied Up in G-strings
The no fuss and no complications g-string mens lingerie design by Spangla screams intimacy and romance with its overall look. It has an adjustable pouch that can handle any man’s “size” and give off enough amount of skin to show on the sides and behind. The lace detail attached with the pouch delivers a teasing see-through effect, so as to not give off too much of the main event. Overall, it is easy to wear and easy to match with your intimate garments, or just wear it on its own!

Time to Mix Things Up
Achieving a sissy underwear look with Spangla is all about putting your imagination and fantasy at play and wearing what you feel looks good and comfortable. Here we have a good combination to achieve that  ultra feminine mens underwear look that is comprised of the camisole, g-string, garterbels and stockings. This intimate ensemble from Spangla is tailor made for the male body, letting our mens lingerie loving guys go all out with the possibilities of mens underwear and mens lingerie.

Your imagination is the limit when it comes to putting together the mens underwear or mens lingerie ensemble that you desire. Spangla provides you with the basics and best quality of underwear, lingerie and accessories that will help you put together a polished intimate mens underwear look that will surely call for some private and sexy attention. Check out more collections from Spangla today and treat yourself to a wide selection of mens lingerie and mens underwear styles. Visit today!

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