Gender Queer and Fluid Representation in Underwear by Spangla!

The gender queer and gender fluid are not that much represented in the LGBT community. Mainly, they are the ones who do not specifically box themselves to having male or female preference. The Gender Fluid are the dynamic bunch that is a mix of male and female. They are not limited to concepts that are identified for the specific gender. On the otherhand, the Gender Queer are also known as being “non-binary,” who express themselves in a manner where it is a combination of masculine, feminine or neither. It is great to have these unique groups of individuals in the community and this is where Spangla gets their inspiration for today’s featured underwear design.

The Spangla Gender Queer mens underwear collection presents the light shades of purple, green and white in a harmony of stripes that almost resembles the rainbow flag pattern. The colour choices are more distinct from others found in representing a group in the LGBTQI community. This colour combination is made available in thongs and g-strings that exhibit perfect support and comfort, thanks to its stretch spandex lycra material.

Moving to the Spangla Gender Fluid mens underwear style, this shows a stunning and striking combo of black, blue, violet, pink and white. It works perfectly for any skin tone and will effortlessly pop out and make you an eye-candy in an instant. Just like the Gender Queer collection, the Gender Fluild mens underwear collection takes on the thong and g-string underwear style, made also with the same material. Wear to any occasion, even if it is for an entire day to night! This mens underwear piece is made of high quality and sturdy material that adjusts to your fit and size.

Spangla recognizes and represents all in the LGBTIQ community with their mens underwear and mens lingerie collections. Welcoming men of specific tastes for underwear with open arms, Spangla is readily available online to make your underwear fantasies come to life. Choose from a wide selection of mens underwear and mens lingerie pieces that are unique and hard to find, and get your orders delivered conveniently right at your doorstep in DISCREET PACKAGING. Visit us today at

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