What’s the 4-1-1 to Gay Pride 101

June is that time of the year when all colours come together for a festive gathering of representation, acceptance and equality! Yes, we’re talking about the Gay Pride celebrations that are held worldwide. Here to tackle on today’s blog is a 4-1-1 or some of the basics you need to know about this flambouyant display of happiness and freedom from the LGBTIQ community.

Gay Pride parades and festivities have a foundation dating back to June 28, 1969 where it was not really about the partying and the fun stuff. One should be familiar with the happenings at the Stonewall Inn at Greenwich Village, Manhattan, New York City where the battle for Gay and Lesbian rights or the Stonewall Riots came about. The crowd were composed of a mixture of civil rights activists, hippies and even tourists from different parts of the world supporting gay pride. It was a protest of having brawls with the police for a plea for “gay power” and rights.

Up to this day, when gay pride is celebrated, the Stonewall Riots will always serve as the base history and reason for the celebrations. The gay pride celebration runs month long and is done annually, on the whole month of June. Other countries also hold their own pride parties and celebrations on a different date with remarkable festive and extravagant themes, making it a must-experience for travel junkies supporting the LGBTQI community.

Who started the Annual Gay Pride Celebration?
The “mother of pride,” Brenda Howard, organized and coordinated the whole gay pride/ LGBT pride march, which includes having a variety of activities to attend to in support of the cause. There are concerts, art exhibits, and plays aside from the famous march and parades. You actually have the whole month to try and experience all of that.

What does “LGBT” stand for exactly?
Of course it’s not all parties and parades, colour splash and rainbows everywhere; it’s all about the people that belong to the community of the LGBT or lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. It is also about promoting equal rights of the community, self-affirmation and the strengthening of society’s awareness and acceptance with ongoing issues revolving around the LGBT community. The gay pride festivities or the pride month creates that “safe space” for the LGBTQI community where they can come together and be themselves, live in freedom knowing that they can express and celebrate their existence. To add, since we have mentioned “LGBTQI,” it means lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer/questioning.

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